How the artSPEAKS contest works:

We are pleased to announce a re-launch of our popular artSPEAKS program, which will enable us to reach even more children and families. The new artSPEAKS program will allow patients, family members and friends to create and upload artwork and to enter the artwork in our art contest.

Each contest period, we will post a question, such as “What do you want the public to know about sickle cell disease?” for individuals interested in participating in the art contest. The participant will then create a piece of artwork, take a digital picture, and upload the image to our website. A team of judges from our partner arts organizations will choose three winners each month, one participant from Delaware, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Each winner will receive a gift card or U.S. savings bond. At the end of the year, winners will be invited to a fun event in order to celebrate their participation in the artSPEAKS contest program.

The Fun Day will include a live art project for winners and their families to enjoy.

Get started in just 3 easy steps:

1 Register for the artSPEAKS contest

2 Read the prompt and create a piece of artwork

3 Upload a picture of your artwork by the contest deadline

help spread awareness of sickle cell disease
get educated on sickle cell disease and your options
artspeaks program gives sickle cell families a voice

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